ReImagine GRP (or “RIG” for those of you in the inner circle) is a family-owned, people-first, brand-edgy, second-to-none GRP of creative-driven masterminds streamlining branded merchandise programs for clients large and small. With humble beginnings tracing back to its inception in the 1980s (totally bodacious, right?) the desire to provide unparalleled service with forward-thinking offerings never changed. In a “best of both worlds” opportunity, The Recon GRP and Imagination Branding joined forces in the early days of Covid (#lockdown) and spent intentional time refining a long-time partnership to become even stronger as one GRP.

Today, RIG is proud to be in the top 1% of promotional product distributors nationwide and continues to bolster its in-house embellishment + production capabilities, proprietary technology platforms, distribution and fulfillment channels, creative design offerings, and sexy-centric product options that keep its partners stoked.

Boasting a premium rolodex of services streamlined under one roof, RIG is still very selective with the partnerships they engage in. ReImagine GRP looks to be in alignment with suppliers and clients that practice strong business ethics, produce quality products, advocate for sustainability, and pursue an intangible motivation to make this world a better place. Always looking to push the envelope with customized merchandise, “your brand is our brand” has become a reflective truth in our embellished products AND a guiding principle for how we service others before ourselves.

As we connect in varying capacities, we ask you to ReImagine what is possible in branding together. Up the ante, raise the bar, shoot the moon, and continue to do things the RIGht way.

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