Our roots stem from humble beginnings. Born from a family business, driven by quality, passion, and strong relationships – our RIGFAM is at the core of our success and allows us to grow and serve our clients with the best experience possible.

Patrick Shedarowich


Chris Popke


Tom Pham


Marliss O’Neal

Human Resource Manager

Amanda Barattini

Accounts Payable Clerk

Courtney Buck

Program & Custom Order Billing

Mariana Khalil

Senior Accountant

Michelle Rowland

Accounting Assistant

David Allen

Brand Manager

Dave Popke

Brand Manager

David Vallandigham

Brand Manager

Greg Boudreaux

Brand Manager

Heidi Hix

Brand Manager

Jaime Rice

Brand Manager

Kirsten Hodson

Brand Manager

Lori Armes

Brand Manager

Mary Ann Vogt

Brand Manager

Melissa Handy

Brand Manager

Nancy Shirey

Brand Manager

Wes Steelman

Brand Manager

Josie Kaptain

Art Manager

Erica Holloway

Art Center Admin

Issac Wix

Graphic Artist

Robert Parker

Graphic Artist

Adam Hongkham

Logistics Coordinator

Efren Moreno

Warehouse Team

Will Groberg

Director of IT

Cindy Armstrong

Web Team Manager

Stephanie Figge

Client Services Manager

Amanda Blocher

Web Team

Justin Acee

Customer Relations Specialist

Leah Hill

Web Team

Dragan Zivkovic

Lead Developer

Milan Zivkovic

Senior Developer

Lazar Zivkovic

QA Tester